British/North American Vocabulary

Here are some of the main differences in vocabulary between British and North American English.

anywhere anyplace anywhere  
autumn fall autumn/fall  
barrister attorney lawyer  
beeper, pagerbeeperpager  
bill (restaurant)checkbill  
biscuit cookie cookie  
block of flatsapartment buildingapartment block  
bonnet hood hood  
boot (of car) trunk (of automobile) trunk (of car)   
car automobile car  
caravan trailer trailer  
chemist drugstore drugstore  
chest of drawersbureaudresser  
chipsFrench friesFrench fries/chips  
chocolate barcandy barchocolate bar  
the cinema the movies movies  
clothes pegclothespinclothes peg  
condom rubber condom  
crisps potato chips potato chips  
crossroads intersection intersection  
cupboard closet cupboard  
diversion detour diversion, detour  
drawing-pin thumbtack thumbtack  
dummy (for babies) pacifier soother  
dustbin ashcan, garbage can, trashcan garbage can, trash can  
dustman garbage collector garbageman  
engine motor engine  
estate agent realtor real estate agent  
film movie movie  
flat apartment apartment  
flat tyre flat flat tire  
flyover overpass overpass  
galoshestoe rubbersgaloshes  
gear-lever gearshift gearshift  
Girl GuideGirl ScoutGirl Guide  
ground floor first floor ground floor, main floor  
handbag pursehandbag  
holiday vacation holiday  
jeansblue jeansjeans  
jug pitcher jug  
lift elevator elevator  
lorry truck truck  
mad crazy crazy  
main road highway main road, main thoroughfare  
maize corn corn  
maths math math  
mobile (phone)cellularcellular phone  
motorbikemotorcyclemotorbike, motorcycle  
motorway freeway, expressway highway, thoroughfare  
motorway freeway freeway  
napkinnapkinserviette, table napkin  
nappy diaper diaper  
naughts and crossestic-tack-toetick-tack-toe  
pants shorts shorts  
petrol gas, gasoline gas, gasoline  
The PloughBig DipperBig Dipper  
pocket moneyallowancepocket money  
post mail mail, post  
postbox mailbox mailbox, post-box  
postcodezip codepostal code  
postman mailman mailman, letter carrier  
pub bar bar, pub  
public toilet rest room bathroom  
puncture flat flat  
railway railroad railway  
return (ticket) round-trip return  
reverse charge call collect collect call, reverse the charges  
ring roadbeltwayring road  
road surface pavement road surface, asphalt  
roundabout traffic circle roundabout  
rubber eraser eraser  
rubbish garbage, trash garbage, trash, refuse  
rubbish-bin garbage can, trashcan garbage can, trashcan  
saloon (car) sedan sedan (car)  
shop store shop, store  
single (ticket) one-way one-way (ticket)  
solicitor attorney lawyer  
somewhere someplace somewhere  
spanner wrench wrench  
spiritshard liquorspirits  
sweets candy candy, sweets  
tap (indoors) faucet tap (indoors)   
tap (outdoors) spigot tap (outdoors)  
taxi cab taxi  
tea-towel dish-towel dish-towel   
telly, TVTVTV  
third-party insuranceliability insurancethird-party insurance  
timetable schedule schedule  
tin can tin can  
toll motorway turnpike toll highway  
torch flashlight flashlight  
trousers pants pants  
tube (train) subway subway, metro    
underground (train) subway subway, metro  
underpants shorts shorts  
van truck truck  
vest undershirt undershirt  
waistcoat vest vest  
wallet billfold wallet  
wellington boots rubbers rubber boots  
whiskywhiskey, scotchwhisky, scotch  
windscreen windshield windshield   
zip zipper zipper